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Let Birch Wood Bring Out the Beauty

Have you ever been to someone’s home and noticed how beautifully decorated it seems. Like something out of an Etsy store. Do you ever stop to look around your home, only to wonder why it isn’t as decorative as it possibly could be?

If you go looking for design and craft ideas for your home, you will quickly find that decorative birch wood projects are among the most popular within crafting circles.

What is Birch Wood?

WINTER WOODS - Birch Trees in the Snow

Birch is a hardwood found in the Northern Hemisphere. It is a relative to Oak but is a much harder wood. Birchwood has a very fine grain and its often used for furniture, flooring, and crafts.

Birch is also a very easy hardwood to use when staining and is often substituted for maple because it has a similar grain pattern.

Where to Start Dressing up Your Residence?

decorative birchwood wallWhen setting out to decorate your home the first task should be coming up with a plan. Stop and do some research to come up with ideas on how you can come up with some interesting decorative birch ideas for your home in order to really make it stand out.

Part of that research (most of it in fact) can be done online, so head over to your computer and/or mobile device and do some digging. Fortunately there are a great deal of home decor and crafting projects, using birch, online for you to glean inspiration.

Do you want to focus on adding more decorative items to your home, items such as a birch tree wall, birch branches, or tree branch holders for candles?

Remember, birch wood is noted to be very hard, therefore making it a sturdy material that can be used in a variety of items in the home. When you are considering what rooms to decorate throughout the house, first stop and think about which parts of your home get the most traffic.

Defining where the most traffic is in your home can be looked at a couple of different ways.

For instance, if you have kids, it is likely that you spend lots of time in your kitchen.

Whether preparing meals for the family, hosting your child’s friends and their parents, the kitchen likely is a busy place. Having the right decorative birch pieces in this area of the home is important.

Among the birch wood products that make for good kitchen decorative pieces would be items like natural birch branch curtain rods for your windows, or a birch branch cutting board. Perhaps even birch wood coasters for family and friends to set their beverages on. As you can tell, there are myriad of birch wood products that could make great additions to your kitchen.

Bringing Birch Wood Into the Bedroom

birch wood bed postsWhen it comes to your home’s bedroom, this is the room that demands comfort.

With that in mind, has using birch wood for your dressers, bed etc. crept into your mind? If not, it is something you should certainly give some consideration to.

Furniture aside, most people want as decorative a bedroom as possible.

Assuming you’re one of them, how about pieces like birch tree branch prints, birch wood logs (especially for those lucky enough to have a fireplace in their bedroom, a birch tree throw for your bed, maybe even a birch branch basket by the side of your bed to hold reading materials?

Once again, your options are literally endless, so be sure to shop around and bring some birch wood to the rooms important to you.

Birch Wood: The Perfect Wedding Decoration

Birch Wedding ArchThere are few things in life that will utilize crafting as much as preparing for a wedding. Many people are taking to decorating their weddings themselves, or with the help of bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Birch wood is a beautiful medium for this, as its both sturdy and looks great. And you’ll find no shortage of birch wedding decoration projects documented online.

For instance, Instagram and Pinterest are great social sites to use for inspiration on how to use birch wood products. Instagram not long ago moved into the number two social media spot (behind Facebook) with the most users.

From alters made of birch poles, to unique vases and candle holders, birch offers a romantic and rustic feel. Which is why it is so widely used as a wedding decoration. But you can use birch to decorate any event, from anniversaries to Christmas parties.

If you’re thinking of doing some home improvement projects in the near future, birch wood may very well be one of the decorative wood products that will grab your attention.

From how sturdy and reliable it is, to the beautiful look that it provides inside and outside your home, give birch wood strong consideration for your residence the next time a home improvement project or two comes to mind.